Candles are a great way to illuminate your event or wedding, they create an elegant ambiance no matter what the occasion. Unfortunately they are some instances where real candles are not permitted, or do not get the complete impact you were seeking. This is where candle luminary rentals can make the safe impact you were seeking for your wedding or event.

Real Wax Candle Luminary Rentals are available on a national level. Please note that if you are not local we will ship the luminary rentals to you and you will be able to ship back. Please contact us for a quote at 866-611-8686

Pricing on Standard Luminary Rentals: View Pricing

Luminary Rentals are available to be picked up from the warehouse: 7240 E. Slauson Ave, Commerce, CA 90040

Please complete our online form, and a Candle Consultant will contact you to discuss your needs.

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We rent standard luminary sizes, as well as offer custom luminary sizes and shapes. Pricing below for standard rentals.

3×4 Round Luminary $3.00
3×6 Round Luminary $4.00
3×8 Round Luminary $6.00
4×5 Round Luminary $4.00
4×7 Round Luminary $6.00
4×9 Round Luminary $8.00
5×5 Round Luminary $5.00
5×8 Round Luminary $8.00
5×11 Round Luminary $10.00
5×18 Round Luminary $13.00
3x3x4 Square Luminary $3.00
3x3x6 Square Luminary $4.00
3x3x8 Square Luminary $6.00
4x4x5 Square Luminary $4.00
4x4x7 Square Luminary $6.00
4x4x9 Square Luminary $8.00
5x5x5 Square Luminary $5.00
5x5x8 Square Luminary $8.00
5x5x11 Square Luminary $10.00
5x5x18 Square Luminary $13.00
 Additional Info:
Size: Diameter x Height
Wax Color: Ivory
Led Color: Amber Flickering include in price.
Optional Switch the led color: 65 cents per 1
Optional Add a logo: $5 per 1